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Hungary’s Largest Financial Advisory Organization...


... both in terms of its turnover and the number of its advisers.



From the outset every member of the concern has retained its independence from insurance companies and banks. We believe that independence will be an important requirement in the future as well in order for us to preserve our objectivity in the advice we give to clients.


Our task is to assist our retail and institutional clients in selecting and developing the most suitable financial solutions for them to meet their goals - and to keep them at the highest possible level in the long-term. To this end, in collaboration with the most prominent players of the international and Hungarian financial markets, BROKERNET Group has developed numerous, highly innovative products which it sells on a completely exclusive basis.


Each product generation represents the ne plus ultra of the market, which in international circles has earned BROKERNET recognition and a good reputation. In addition to its own developments only the most outstanding and most advanced solutions of the financial market are included in the product range. We also impose several client-centred criteria on our product partners which not every institution was able to meet.


BROKERNET Group works according to a high quality standard which our employees also have to meet. For this reason, we ensure the highest level of training for our agents in the framework of our own Academy.